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Niki Mustain 

I am a versatile professional with a strong foundation in the Film/TV and Photography industries, complemented by a broad spectrum of technical knowledge. My expertise spans diverse domains, including product management, marketing, and event planning. Beyond my professional achievements, I am deeply enthusiastic about cultivating creativity and supporting artists and professionals in maximizing their potential.

One of my most rewarding undertakings involves my commitment to empowering fellow individuals in their respective fields by connecting them with the essential resources, tools, and contacts needed to elevate their skills and careers. I thrive on facilitating these meaningful connections, firmly believing that the coalition between talented individuals and the right opportunities fuels innovation and fosters artistic growth.

I am now enthusiastically seeking an opportunity to join an innovative company with a dynamic and collaborative team. My objective is to leverage my multifaceted skill set and dedication to nurturing talent, ultimately contributing to both the team's success and the organization's growth.


+1 631.889.4292



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United States
*Open to work worldwide*


● Client Focused

● Creative Problem Solving 

● Sales & Marketing

● Product Development

● Customer Service

● Relationship Cultivation

● Excellent Communication

● Leadership 


I have had the privilege of collaborating with forward-thinking companies that have not only welcomed but actively encouraged my pursuit of knowledge and experience. Thriving in creative environments, I've harnessed a drive to gain immense insight and knowledge, which has not only benefited my employers but also enriched the experiences and satisfaction of our customers. These opportunities have played a pivotal role in expanding my skillset to include a wide array of talents.

  • Marketing Relationship Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Business Development 

    • Foster connections with strategic brand collaborators. 

    • Engage with pivotal industry associations.

    • Supervise the Ambassador Program.

    • Orchestrate networking events.

  • Advertising and PR

    • Organize ad campaigns in collaboration with advertising partners.​

    • Negotiate advertising contracts and oversee budgeting.

    • Craft and distribute press releases for new products and services.

  • Marketing 

    • Identify, oversee, and track marketing initiatives. ​

    • Event and tradeshow coordination.

    • Align Marketing and Sales initiatives. 

    • Facilitate information flow between Product Management and Marketing.

Jan 2021 - July 2023

  • Product Manager - Optics 

Apr 2019 - Nov 2020

  • Product Development ​​

    • Conduct comprehensive market research to ascertain current and future industry demands.

    • Direct prototype testing and analyze test data.

    • Collaborate on product development with compatible manufacturers.

    • Build a professional network for insights and trend identification.

    • Tailor custom solutions for clients with specific needs and unique projects.

    • Evaluate competitors to uncover distinctive growth opportunities.

  • Global Sales Strategy

    • ​Collaborate with the sales team to craft effective sales initiatives. 

    • Design year-round incentive programs to boost sales and stabilize inventory.

    • Develop and maintain competitive pricing strategies aligned with profitability goals.

    • Supply technical information for the sales team to convey to clients.

  • Marketing

    • Define clear marketing objectives for each product line.​

    • Formulate marketing plans for new-to-market products.

    • Provide comprehensive product details to support the Marketing Team.

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  • Product Manager - MPTV Filters

  • Product Specialist - Cine & Photo

  • Marketing 

Jan 2011 - Mar 2019

  • Product Manager - MPTV Filters and iPro Lens System

    • ​Spearhead product development, planning, and demand forecasting.

    • Conduct in-depth research to identify industry requirements and trends.

    • Originate sales strategies and initiatives for growth.

  • Cine Product Sales

    • Provide dealer and end-user technical support. 

    • Train dealer sales teams for enhanced performance.

    • Monitor dealer stock levels and forecast future requirements.

    • Act as the author and designer of the monthly US newsletter.

  • Marketing

    • Collaborate with the PR team to devise impactful marketing campaigns.

    • Manage and curate social media content.

    • Tradeshow and event coordination. 

  • Education and Events Coordinator

  • Sales 

Oct 2000 - Jan 2011

  • Education Department

    • ​Oversee and promote classes across all locations.

    • Develop and produce new classes to benefit the customers. 

    • Collaborate with external educational organizations to co-host events. 

  • Event Coordinator

    • ​Coordinate a variety of in-store and external events, including book signings, lecture series, and photo exhibitions.

    • Plan and execute product launch events.

    • Develop specialized photo services for esteemed partners like KRCW, Taschen, and LA Weekly.

    • Curate in-house and external photography exhibits.

  • Sales 

    • Serve as a VIP Sales Concierge, catering to high-end, repeat clients, and photo studios.

    • Handle sales for professional and consumer cameras, both for photography and video, film and darkroom.  


Grand Valley State University

Communications - Film/TV


  • Photography

  • Travel

  • Creative Writing

  • Furniture Restoration

  • Gardening 

  • Art & Music


Provided Upon Request


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